PAS Network Details

Summary of PAS Network Train Operations

Springfield Terminal functions as a contract operator for PAS and serves as PAS’s agent, unlike ST’s role as the lessee and operating carrier of the PAR System. ST currently operates NSR trains over the PAS line between Mechanicville, NY and Ayer, MA pursuant to a haulage agreement between PAS and NSR. ST currently operates the following trains on the PAS network:

Road Trains:

  • RJED/EDRJ – between Rotterdam Jct, NY and East Deerfield, MA
  • EDPL/PLED – between East Deerfield, MA and Plainville, CT
  • EDPO – originates at East Deerfield, MA and terminates at PAR Rigby Yard, Portland, ME
  • BFPO – unit slurry train (as needed) received from the VTR at Bellows Falls, VT, to Portland, ME
  • RJAY/AYRJ – unit grain trains (as needed) between Rotterdam Jct, NY and Ayer, MA {REDACTED}
  • NSR merchandise trains 16R/11R – between Mohawk, NY and East Deerfield, MA
  • NSR intermodal trains 22K/23K – between Mechanicville, NY and Ayer, MA

Local Trains:

ST, on behalf of PAS, operates local trains  based in the following locations:

  • MA: Ayer, Fitchburg, East Deerfield, North Adams
  • CT: Plainville
  • NY: Mechanicville, and Rotterdam.

Yard Trains:

Springfield Terminal, on behalf of PAS, operates yard trains at East Deerfield, MA to classify inbound and outbound rail traffic (operating hump yard).

Description of the PAS Lines

The PAS Network consists of ~425 route miles of rail lines, including approximately 281.38 route miles owned (including perpetual freight easement) and ~143.62 trackage rights route miles, in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, and Vermont. ST operates PAS on a contract basis. PAS serves as a critical link to the Boston market for intermodal and automotive trade flows. In 2019, PAS moved 37,238 freight carloads, representing {REDACTED} of its gross revenue for the year, and 77,883 intermodal & haulage units, representing {REDACTED} of its gross revenue.

Main lines

The PAS lines include two main line corridors:

[The] Patriot Corridor extends between MP 467.4 at Mechanicville, NY and MP 311.97 near Willows, MA, a distance of ~151.4 miles, inclusive of freight easement rights over MBTA between MP 329.55 at Fitchburg, MA and MP 313.77 at Willows, MA, a distance of ~15.8 miles. PAS also has trackage rights at the western end of the Patriot Corridor over the CP Freight Subdivision between MP 467.6 (CPF 468) at Mechanicville, NY and MP 484.8 (CPF 485) at Mohawk Yard, NY, a distance of ~17.2 miles.

[The] Knowledge Corridor extends between MP 183.4 at White River Junction, VT and MP 0.0 at New Haven, CT a distance of ~183.4 miles, inclusive of the following:

  1. Trackage rights over NECR, between MP 183.4 at White River Junction, VT and MP 110.6 at East Northfield, MA, a distance of ~72.8 miles;
  2. Freight easement rights over MassDOT-owned track assets between MP 110.6 at East Northfield, MA and MP 62.0 at Springfield, MA, a distance of ~49.7 miles; and
  3. Trackage rights over Amtrak between MP 62.0 at Springfield, MA and MP 0.0 at New Haven, CT, a distance of ~62 miles.

Branch lines

Additionally, PAS owns ~76.42 route miles of branch line track:

  1. Freight easement rights over MassDOT-owned track assets between milepost 0.0 at North Adams, MA and milepost 4.59 at Adams, MA, a distance of ~4.59 miles;
  2. MP 0.0 at Gardner, MA to MP 1.16 at Heywood, MA, a distance of ~1.16 miles;
  3. MP 28.01 at Ayer, MA to MP 25.7 at Harvard Station, MA, a distance of ~2.3 miles;
  4. MP 0.0 at Berlin, CT to MP 8.4 at Derby, CT, a distance of ~42.9 miles, inclusive of freight easement rights over Metro North Commuter Railroad from MP 27 at Waterbury, CT to MP 8.4 at Derby, CT, a distance of ~18.6 miles;
  5. Freight easement rights over MBTA between MP 33.72 at Willows, MA and MP 31.43 at Littleton, MA, a distance of ~2.3 miles;
  6. Freight easement rights over MBTA between MP 0.0 at Ayer, MA and MP 5.0 at Groton, MA, a distance of ~5 miles;
  7. MP 12.16, Rotterdam Junction, NY and MP 0.0 (CPF 477), near Burnt Hills, NY, a distance of ~12.16 miles;
  8. Southington Industrial Branch, which is ~4.5 miles between Plainville and Southington, CT; and
  9. ~3.7 miles of trackage rights over CSXT between North Haven and Cedar Hill Yard, CT.


The PAS Network includes 21 interchange locations:


The PAS Network includes seven interchange yard facilities:

PAS Interchange Yards
PAS Interchange Yards