SNC: Track Profile and Valuation

Read the Trustee’s Announcement of Saratoga & North Creek Railway’s Auction Sale out of bankruptcy, plus map: SNC: Auction Announced for 03.March.2022 {ANRP 26.Jan.22}.

Track details of the SNC (Click on image for enlarged view):SNC Track Profile Miles NC 0-9

SNC Track Profile Miles NC 10-20


SNC Track Profile Miles NC 21-29.7
The SNC “Sanford Lake Branch” runs for 29.7 miles through the Adirondack Mountains between North Creek and Newcomb NY. The branch was built in 1942 to access the Tahawus iron ore mine, which was an important source of titanium, a strategic metal necessary for arms production during World War II. The first titanium load rolled south in June 1944. Other mines were also able to access the line. Titanium demand increased following the war, for commercial and military purposes, but more accessible western mines eventually replaced the Tahawus output.

Liquidation valuation: SNC Liquidation Analysis