NECR: VT Culvert Washout Days Before Amtrak Restart

2X normal precipitation fell in southern Vermont between 14.June and 13.July

13.July, Putney VT – At the end of a month in which double the average amount of precipitation fell in southern Vermont {Northeast Regional Climate Center}, a cast concrete culvert washed out, opening a ~40-ft wide gap beneath the NECR mainline,

Located in Putney, very close to the Dummerston border, the washed-out concrete culvert remains at least partially intact. While NECR is confident that it will have the line in service before the Amtrak Vermonter’s pass on Mon.19.July, the culvert will likely need permanent enlargement in the face of increasingly unpredictable weather events.

which remained intact above the gap.

The culvert diverts water from the Mill Pond near the end of the Sackett Brook, before it empties into the Connecticut River. Scheduled freight trains were suspended for rerouting.

Vermonter Return

The “Mill Brook” culvert is in the middle of an exceptionally fragile environmental locale. According to the Windham (VT) Regional Commission, it meets the trifecta as a Significant wetland, Special Flood Hazard Area, and Public Water Source Protection Area {Town of Putney}.

Amtrak’s first Vermonter train since the route was suspended in March.2020, is scheduled to resume service on Monday.19.July. The sold-out southbound train is scheduled to depart St. Albans VT at 0830 hrs, bound for Washington DC.

NECR crews and Bazin Brothers Trucking and Construction crews are working round-the-clock to repair the culvert and track for service by Sunday. The Vermonter is scheduled to pass through Putney just before stopping at Brattleboro Station, scheduled for 1300 hrs.