CSX: Revised Application Approved Schedule

Complete procedural schedule as approved in STB Decision #4

By-date Action
30.July.2021 Effective date of Decision #4
19.August.2021 CSXT supplemental ENVIRONMENTAL information due
20.August.2021 Persons wishing to participate as a Party of Record filing due
27.August.2021 Petitions for waiver or clarification
Descriptions of anticipated (including inconsistent) responsive applications filing due
30.August.2021 Applicants’ SAFETY INTEGRATION PLAN filed with OEA and FRA
17.September.2021 ENVIRONMENTAL comments filing (Absent extensions)
28.September.2021 Responsive (including inconsistent) applications
18.October.2021 Applicants’ response to SIP comments
Responses to responsive (including inconsistent) applications
Responses to comments, protests, requests for conditions, and other opposition—including responses to DOJ and USDOT filings
Rebuttal in support of Revised Application and Related Transactions
17.November.2021 Rebuttals in support of responsive applications, requests for conditions, and other opposition
03.January.2022 Final briefs due
01.April.2022 Board to issue final decision
01.May.2022 Decision effective