MADOT/HRRC: Gr. Barrington Upgrades

House Line get major upgrades

No-name Bridge
New bridge superstructure being dropped into place on the Housatonic Line along Front St. in Great Barrington MA. The unnamed bridge runs over a rear basement entrance to 430 Park St.

30.May.2021, Great Barrington MA –

In a single day during the Memorial Day weekend, one of several Railworks crews in action along the Housatonic Line through Great Barrington MA replaced a little known bridge across from 151 Front St. The crews removed the bridge’s superstructure, made modifications to the abutments, and set the new superstructure in place, as a key part of Massachusetts Department of Transportation’s upgrade of the 13-mile Housy stretch through the town.

The scope of the entire project includes:

  • Replacing the superstructure of a bridge (unacknowledged; 430 Park St. Rear);
  • Other bridges to get new wood bridge timbers, steel grating walkways and steel handrails;
  • 126,000 ft of new 136 RE CWR;
  • 7,900 ft of full depth track reconstruction;
  • Replace 5,000 crossties;
  • Reconstruct nine full grade crossings;
  • Replace six turnouts;
  • Spread 20,000 tn of new ballast stone.

During the same weekend, the teams installed three EA turnouts, 2,800 tons of ballast, and more than 3,000 feet of full depth track reconstruction.

No-name Bridge map
Little information exists on the unnamed bridge that provides rear basement access to 430 Park St., a custom furniture studio in Great Barrington MA.