NEARS conference this week

The excellent Northeast Association of Rail Shippers conference (on zoom this time) is April 27-29.

Register, learn more and see the agenda at

NEARS provides a podium for a variety of subjects – railroading and shipping trends, shippers panels and success stories, intermodal industry updates, Wall Street and Main Street analysis and outlooks, new technology introductions and discussions, short line railroad advancements, and many other subjects. We provide ample time and opportunities to network with representatives from all facets of the industry.

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Associate Editor; Consultant for Rail Planning & Development
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Christopher has 15 years of railroad experience, starting as a Conductor on Cape Cod and 15 years of public policy advocacy and outreach work.  He is an expert on passenger rail economics, freight shippers, operations planning and development.   Christopher is the Executive Director of Vermont Rail Action Network, communicating the vision of better trains.  Previous clients have included All-Earth Rail, Champ P3, MBTA, Metro-North, Amtrak, Portland Tri-Met.