NBSR: Adds Trains for Non-wood Traffic Growth


14.February, Saint John NB – New Brunswick Southern Railway and affiliates EMR and MNR will implement additional service between Brownville Jct. ME (BVJ) and Saint John NB (SJ), to keep wood-product traffic fluid in response to growth in other cargoes. Beginning on 15.February, an additional train pair will serve the route for three days each week, handling wood chips and pulp out of Hardy Pond ME to Saint John and then empties back.

Brownville Junction ME

NBSR train 908 departs Brownville Jct. eastbound for Saint John. This train will now be supplemented by a second pairing to handle wood pulp and wood chips to Saint John.

Growing non-wood freight, including higher traffic levels off of CP at Brownville Jct. has maxed out the tonnage and train-length limits of the existing 907 (SJ-BVJ)/908 (BVJ-SJ) train pair. Frequently, burgeoning chip and pulp traffic has been set off at Hardy Pond (Piscataquis Cty. ME).

The MNR 910 local will deliver loaded pulp and chip cars to Hardy Pond Siding and retrieve any empty cars going back for loading. Every other day (M-W-F), the new #208 train will be dispatched from BVJ to retrieve all the loaded cars off the Hardy Pond Siding and take them east to Saint John. On the same days, #207 will be dispatched at SJ and take the empty wood product cars back west.

The weekly plan as explained:

  • Sun – one crew takes 907 west from SJ; one crew takes 908 east from BVJ;
  • Mon/Wed/Fri –
    1. One SJ-based crew takes 907 west from SJ;
    2. One BVJ-based crew takes 208 east from BVJ;
    3. These two crews swap trains at McAdam (or TBD); i.e the 907 SJ-based crew takes the 208 train and returns back to SJ; the 208 crew returns to BVJ with the 907 train and BVJ-based crew.
    4. Later in the day, a second SJ-based crew takes 207 west from SJ to McAdam (or TBD);
    5. Second BVJ-based crew takes 908 east from BVJ;
    6. These two crews swap trains and the BVJ-based crew takes 207 west to BVJ and the SJ-based crew takes the 908 train back to SJ.
  • Tues/Thurs – one crew takes 907 west from SJ to BVJ; one crew takes 908 east from BVJ to SJ.