PennDOT: Awards $31.4 M for Rail Projects


PennDOT logo12.January, Harrisburg, PA – Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf announced the State Transportation Commission’s approval of $31.3 million to support 25 rail freight improvement projects, under the Rail Transportation Assistance Program (RTAP) and the Rail Freight Assistance Program (RFAP).

The grant programs require a 30% awardee match, adding an additional $13.4 million of private funds, yielding nearly $45 million in rail investment across the sate.

Pennsylvania has 65 operating railroads, which is more than any other state. The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) is committed to working with private rail operators and rail-served businesses to construct new rail lines and assist in maintaining and improving Pennsylvania’s roughly 5,600 miles of freight lines.

  1. Gettysburg & Northern Railroad (GET/Pioneer Railcorp) — $1.5 million to replace approximately 2,600 ties and 3,315 feet of rail on its mainline and improve three at-grade crossings (Adams, Cumberland).
  2. Union Railroad (URR) — $700,000 to replace approximately 500 bridge ties and 700 feet of rail on the first phase of their low-grade bridge project (Allegheny).
  3. Union Railroad (URR) — $1 million to repair the Port Perry Bridge by replacing the floor beams and bridge stringers (Allegheny).
  4. Redevelopment Authority of the County of Berks — $991,250 to construct approximately 1,200 feet of yard tracks at their Boyertown Transload Facility (Berks).
  5. Dyer Quarry — $192,150 to expand the locomotive garage to store their locomotives and re-align the track connecting the garage (Berks).
  6. Lehigh Railway (LRWY) — $506,100 to replace approximately 4,900 rail ties. (Bradford, Wyoming).
  7. East Penn Railroad (ESPN) — $500,500 to improve track conditions by replacing approximately 4,500 ties on the Wilmington Northern line and 2,000 ties on the Quakertown line (Bucks, Chester).
  8. RJ Corman Railroad (RJC) — $3 million to replace approximately 7,500 ties and 74,000 feet of rail on worn areas of its Cherry Tree and Cresson subdivisions (Clearfield, Cambria).
  9. South Avis Realty — $391,461 to replace ties and raise, line, and surface its industrial park tracks (Clinton).
  10. CSX Transportation (CSX) — $8.4 million to replace a tunnel to permit routing of double-stack container and multi-level auto rack traffic to/from Port of Philadelphia (Delaware).
  11. Buffalo & Pittsburgh Railroad (BPRR/G&W) — $700,000 to replace approximately 44,000 ft. of rail and 2,500 ties and surface the line to maintained 286,000 weight capacity and improve safety (Elk, McKean, Warren).
  12. P&S Railyard — $227,658 to construct loading and unloading equipment and raise its track to accommodate the transload of materials (Fayette).
  13. Delaware-Lackawanna Railroad (DLR) — $1.3 million to construct a 3,900-foot siding to expand capacity and replace approximately 7,440 feet of rail and 1,550 ties (Lackawanna, Monroe, Wayne).
  14. New Castle Industrial Railroad (NCIR) — $262,500 to construct a new 3,200-foot siding to expand its main line track capacity accommodating increased interchange traffic with CSX and NS railroads (Lawrence).
  15. Redevelopment Authority of Luzerne County — $276,500 to replace approximately 1,500 ties and surface 5 miles of track (Luzerne).
  16. Western New York and Pennsylvania Railroad (WNYP) — $4.7 million to replace three thru truss bridges and rehabilitate two abutments on a thru-girder bridge (McKean, Venango).
  17. SEDA-COG Joint Rail Authority — $282,245 to finish the work of phase II of the rehabilitation of approximately 1,550 feet of track on its West Park branch (Mifflin).
  18. Pennsylvania Northeastern Railroad (PNR) — $483,000 to replace approximately 6,000 ties on its Stony Creek branch and Bethlehem branch (Montgomery).
  19. Boyd Station — $2.6 million to expand its rail infrastructure and construct four new tracks and install unloading equipment (Northumberland).
  20. Corsa Coal Corporation — $246,434 to rehabilitate approximately 10 miles of track from its Coleman Junction to the Cambria Plant (Somerset).
  21. Winfield Storage — $130,900 to rehabilitate approximately 400 feet of track and build an unloading pit and conveyor to transload the agricultural products from rail to truck (Union).
  22. Oil Creek Titusville Lines (OCTL) — $140,000 to extend a passing siding by 1,000 feet improving its operations (Venango).
  23. Three Rivers Marine & Rail Terminals — $176,146 to replace approximately 600 ties, two switches, and surface 800 feet of track (Westmoreland).
  24. Procter & Gamble Paper Products — $246,886 to realign its tracks and replace a turnout to improve its operations and safety (Wyoming).
  25. York Railway Company (YRC/G&W) — $2.1 million to replace 1.2 miles of jointed rail with CWR rail including the rehabilitation of seven turnouts and 10 public grade crossings (York).{, 12.Jan.2021}