GU: Locomotive Shop Installs PTC on Contract

PNLX GP40-2L 9619 and MP20GP 2107  at the G&U locomotive shop in North Grafton MA for installation of ASCES PTC and cab signals.

24.January, North Grafton MA – Grafton & Upton received PNLX GP40-2L 9619 and PNLX MP20GP 2107, to perform contracted upgrades. Owner Precision Locomotive Leasing and Sales LLC is having cab signal and ASCES PTC systems installed. Rail Vehicles Technical Services is managing the installation at the G&U locomotive shop. The installation and validation for both units are expected to take 6-8 weeks.

Qualified sources indicate that the locomotives are leased to Metro North, to be employed for  non-passenger repair and service operations. Metro North is a division of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) operates 775 miles of track, and serves 124 commuter stations in Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey.

G&U’s locomotive shop is capable of extensive electrical and control system service, “ranging from PTC/Cab signal installation to a full locomotive rewire and electrical modification,” according to G&U General Manager John DeWaele. The shop is further equipped with a 15-ton overhead crane, jacking pads, a modern inspection pit, a fully-stocked tool room, and is manned by expert personnel trained in all aspects of locomotive and car service. DeWaele said that G&U has current contract modification projects progressing toward delivery to an overseas customer.