MassPort: Boston Harbor Expansion Progresses Past Milestone


03.December, Boston MA  – Phase II of the Boston Harbor Dredging Project was completed ahead of schedule by nearly one full year. Approximately 12 million cu.yds of material was removed to:

  • Deepen and widen the Broad Sound North Channel to -51 ft Mean Lower Low Water (MLLW),
  • Deepen and widen the Main Ship Channel to the Conley Terminal (including the turning basin) to -47 ft MLLW,
  • Deepen the turning basin to -47 ft MLLW, and widen to 1725 ft, 
  • Deepen the President Roads Anchorage, and 
  • Deepen the lower Reserved Channel to -47 ft MLLW.
Boston Harbor dredging Phase II
Boston (MA) Harbor – Phase II of the Boston Harbor Dredging Project was completed nearly a year ahead of schedule. When completed (scheduled Q4 2021) along with landside expansion and upgrades, the harbor and Massport Conley Terminal will be able to serve 12-14,000 TEU vessels.

Other phases and upgrades

Phase I dredged 1 million cu.yds of material to open a Confined Aquatic Disposal cell to hold ~800,000 cu.yds of silt dredged from the 40-ft Main Ship Channel, 40-ft deep Inner Confluence, 35-foot Broad Sound North Channel, 30-ft Broad Sound South Channel, 15-ft Nubble Channel, and President Roads Anchorage. Phase I was completed in December.2017. 

The third and final (Phase III) contract will be awarded in January 2021. Objectives will be removal of ~200,000 — 500,000 cu.yds of hard rock to complete the deepening.

Three new ship-to-shore cranes, with a lifting height of 160 feet and an outreach of 22 containers wide are scheduled for delivery in 2021. The channel expansions and dockside capacity improvements will enable the port’s Conley container terminal to handle 12-14,000 TEU vessels. Currently, 10,000 TEU is the largest ship that Conley can handle.

The Project is a $350 million partnership between U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and Massport. 

Port of Boston generates $8.2 billion in economic activity, supports 9,000 direct jobs and services exports and imports for 2,500 businesses across New England.

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