ArcelorMittal Celebrated 60th Anniversary of Mont-Wright Rail Service

10.December, Port Cartier QC – ArcelorMittal Infrastructure Canada celebrated the 60th anniversary of its railway linking the Mont-Wright mine to its facilities in Port-Cartier. The railway’s inauguration 1960 represented an essential access route for the development of Northern Québec. Today, it remains essential to the economic vitality of Québec’s North Shore region.

An AMMC train pulls through the Mount Wright loader.

Sixty years after its inauguration, ArcelorMittal’s railway remains a strategic link to enable the shipment of more than 25 million tonnes of iron ore to international markets each year.

“Our railway is at the heart of our company’s rich history in Québec. It is an integral part of the province’s heritage and we are proud of how far we have come in the last 60 years. I salute the expertise of our employees who ensure, in a safe and competent manner, the operation, maintenance and continuous evolution of the railway,” declared Mapi Mobwano, Chairman of ArcelorMittal Infrastructure Canada’s Management Committee.

“I would like to thank our employees who do an outstanding job of coordinating all our activities impeccably, with all the challenges involved in transporting 75,000 tonnes of iron ore on a single rail line every day. The technological advances we continually integrate make it a world-class asset of which we can all be proud,” added Michael LaBrie, General Manager, ArcelorMittal Infrastructure Canada.

A true feat of engineering and construction, the ArcelorMittal railway is 420 km long. It includes 50% curves, 20 bridges, 5 tunnels and 19 sidings. Nowadays, a train consists of 210 wagons and is more than two kilometres long, requiring the use of three locomotives.

The ArcelorMittal Infrastructure Canada team, who ensures its operation as well as the operation of the Port-Cartier seaport, includes over 600 specialized employees.