Port QBC: New Grain Export Terminal

New Grain Terminal will Add Export Capacity for Bumper Canadian Grain Crops.

aerial photo of grain site construction
Sillio Agricultural grain export terminal nearing completion.

01.August, Quebec City QC – Port of Quebec’s Anse au Foulon sector will soon complete a $90 million grain transfer terminal to export Canadian grain. The Sollio Agriculture terminal is being built around an existing Sollio facility. New structures include four 15,000 metric tonne (te) silos, four 1000 te silos, covered conveyors, two grain handling and cleaning towers, a grain grading laboratory, two electrical substations and a grain unloading station per railcar.

The terminal will be able to process 1.3 million tonnes (1.433 US tons) of grain for export annually to US, European, and Asian markets.

The facility will draw grain primarily from Ontario and Quebec, but it could also bring in prairie crops, to be unloaded from laker-sized vessels sailing from Thunder Bay in Ontario. {Sollio Agriculture Facebook page.}

Another CP target?

Canadian National Railway (CN) owns the trackage adjacent to the terminal, but access is exclusively via Canadian Pacific’s 1,800-ft Wolfe’s Cove Tunnel. Quebec-Gatineau Railways’ (QGRY) Wolfe’s Cove Spur begins at the north end of the tunnel, and runs 3.1 miles to join the QGRY Trois-Rivières Subdivision.

When asked earlier this year about acquiring more lines or railroads, in addition to its recent purchase of CMQ, CP CEO Keith Creel implied interest in another “line that we formerly owned up there in Quebec.” The comment didn’t arouse much interest at the time, but CP seems to be aggressively expanding, and making good strategic choices to fuel that growth.

Qeubec City QC

aerial photo of grain site construction
Grain export site in on CN spur “below” CP Worlfe’s Cove Tunnel, which opens to QGRY Wolfe’s Cove Spur.