PAR: Blue & Gray

Freshly Repainted (or Scraped?) GRS "Heritage" Unit Spooks Par Rumor-Mongers.

11.August, Bernardston MA – After having received fresh blue Pan Am livery paint only a few years ago, MEC 507 surprised the rail observer community when it emerged from the Waterville paint shop on 29.July in classic Guilford gray. Since then it’s been roaming the PAR system.

Bernardston MA

train crossing bridge at night
Springfield Terminal (PAS) train WJED-10 (EDBF/BFED crew aboard) is on its way back to East Deerfield, MA, following a 20-car drop and 8-car pickup at White River Jct., VT. The train is seen crossing the 1846-built Fall River stone arch bridge in Bernardston, MA, with freshly painted ‘heritage Guilford Rail System GP40-2L 507’ and PAR MEC B40-8 5936. The unit looks great in the shiny paint, however word was that it had shut down multiple times under load on the northbound trip with a minor mechanical issue, before being isolated and kept shut down for the remainder of the trip southbound. {Kevin Burkholder,}