PAR: Deal Rolls Along In Office Car Special

Par Sale Takes Shape on "Where's Waldo?" OCS Run. BOD and Changing Cast of Rival Rail Execs Pull Out of XO; Empty Train Pulls into ED.

This report is based on live sightings by R&P staff, and reports from R&P exclusive sources.

14.July, Ayer MA – The Pan Am Office Car Special (OCS-14) departed Ayer at 0930 hrs headed west. Consist was MEC 1 (a/k/a “PAR 1”), MEC 2 (“PAR 2”), ST 103 (“Syd Culliford”), ST 102 (“Bluebird”), ST 101, ST 102.

Aboard were the Pan Am Systems Board of Directors (reportedly boarded 12/13.July), and Norfolk Southern personnel (landed Hanscom Field 13.July).

The train arrived Mechanicville NY (XO) at 1545 hrs. Six passengers debarked at XO, including PAR President David A. Fink, NS EVP/CFO Mark George, and NS VP Strategic Planning Mike McClellan. Others reportedly remained on board for the night.

Schagticoke NY

Pan Am train crossing Hoosic River
PAR OCS-14 crosses the Hoosic River approaching the end of its run from Ayer MA, with PAST Board of Directors and NS executives aboard. {Steel Wheels Photography}

Thomas the Tank Engine haunted by ghost train15.July, Mechanicville NY – After reportedly waiting for representatives from one or more other railroads or bidding entities, OCS-15 departed XO at 1330 hrs headed east.

The train arrived East Deerfield (ED) MA at 1806 hrs (04:36 run time, ~84 miles), carrying no passengers . No passengers were seen debarking at ED. It can only be assumed that they debarked somewhere between XO and ED.

Or, could there be some other explanation?