CSX/CN: Massena Sale Lingers In Limbo

No Response Yet from STB on CSX and CN Petitions to Reconsider Pro-Competition Decision #4.

15.July, Washington DC — The STB remains inscrutable regarding the principals’ 05.June Petitions seeking that the Board back down from its 04.April Decision #4 conditional approval. That Decision approves the sale IF the Class Is rewrite Sec. 5.14(b) of the PSA to maintain the prospect of future competition at the Syracuse area interchange. On 06.May CSX and CN filed reporting their failure to meet the condition.

A 13.July letter of support from the Mayor of Oswego NY is the eleventh plea for the Board to annul Decision #4, and allow the sale to proceed as originally devised. Samuel J. Nasca, SMART/Transportation Division,  filed an additional opinion against the sale, citing lack of shipper input and inadequate employee consideration.

Fait accompli?

The Board’s forthcoming decision may be moot, as unconfirmed reports are circulating that a regional union Chairman had been notified that the deal is dead, following CN’s withdrawal ( No official statement has been received verifying that report – Ed. ).