ONR: Ore Processor May Add Gold To Production Mix

Ontario Northland Railroad Could See Major Traffic Boost Carrying Monarch Gold Ore to Glencore Kidd Concentrator.

14 May, Timmins ON – Monarch Gold Corp. and Glencore Canada Corp. have entered into a memorandum of understanding for processing of ore. Ore from Monarch’s Wasamac QC property, near Rouyn-Noranda, would be shipped via Englehart ON on the Ontario Northland Railroad to Glencore’s Kidd Creek ON concentrator. Loads would add new traffic through the corridor, which carries other ore shipments.

Metallurgical concentration increases the percentage of the desired metal in a batch of ore, by a multi-step separation process. The Kidd Concentrator is a flotation separator, which uses fluid aeration to float slag particles up to a froth, while the metal particles fall to the bottom.

The MOU consists of a four-phase work plan to be executed and funded by Monarch, is set as follows:

  1. Upgrading Study on outfitting the concentrator for processing Wasamac ore into 25kg dore bars, and on installing necessary rail and loading infrastructure to handle ore at Timmins.
  2. The parties negotiate a Toll Milling Agreement.
  3. Concentrator and Infrastructure UpgradesWork: Monarch will fund the work to upgrade the concentrator and related infrastructure.
  4. Perform Toll Milling Servicesaccording to Agreement. The first delivery of ore from the Wasamac property to the concentrator shall take place by or prior to December 31, 2023. {Monarch Gold Corp}

The process is a complex combination of chemistry, physics, technique, and engineering, with many variables to consider. The process must be validated for continuous operation before Monarch and Glencore can commit to establishing their partnership.

The Kidd concentrator crushes and grinds the zinc ore before flotation ( see BELOW ).


Ore concentrates are roasted, and the sulphur oxides and trioxides are passed to the sulphuric acid plant. The calcine is leached, the zinc-rich solution then being processed in a purification stage where cadmium is extracted. The purified zinc-rich solution is sent to the electrolysis plant where metal is plated onto aluminium cathodes. Indium, zinc and copper are recovered from smelter dusts processed in the indium plant {miningtechnology.com}.