VRS: Houghton Takes Reigns From Wulfson

VRS Veteran Selden Houghton Named President, Replacing Wulfson.

11 March, Burlington VT – Vermont Rail System announced that on Wednesday, 11.March, the Board of Directors appointed Selden Houghton as President of the VRS.

Houghton has been an integral part of the Team VRS for twenty years and has worn the hats and has experience in all aspects of the rail company. He can be found as the engineer on any given train that needs one or in the office at Burlington, handling the day to day business.

For seven years, Houghton, in his position as Assistant Vice President and more recently Vice President, worked closely with former President David Wulfson, to assure a seamless transition.

Wulfson will remain active with the VRS in his new role as the Chief Executive Officer.