NECR: Agreement With State On New London Parcel

G&W, CT Port Authority Agree to Use of NECR Parcel to Handle Windpower Loads

30 March, New London CT – New England Central, the Connecticut Port Authority, and the Office of Policy and Management (OPM) reached an agreement on property utilization in the vicinity of the Authority’s port facility in New London (the Port) that maximizes future growth opportunities.

Ongoing negotiations have finally yielded an agreement that benefits all parties involved. NECR has leased a five-acre parcel under its control to the Authority that facilitates the immediate opportunity to handle wind turbine components through the Port, which at this time does not require rail service. In return, the Authority has agreed to facilitate rail access for future port business requiring rail transportation {CT Port authority announcement}.

New London CT

NECR’s former yard (center) has been leased to the Connecticut Port Authority, and will be used to hold wind turbine parts, a large quantity of which will arrive by rail from Quebec {Google Earth, annotated by ANRP}.