HALPORT: Docks Largest Container Ship Yet

CMA-CGM T. Jefferson First of Scheduled Visits by Ultra >14,000 TEU Vessels Due to Growing Port, Soon Able to Receive Two Ultras at Once.

21 March, Halifax NS – The 14,414 TEU container ship breaks the port record set in January by   CMA-CGM Libra  at 11,388. Sister ship CMA-CGM A. Lincoln is due to dock at Halifax on 14.April, but both will be eclipsed when the 15,072 teu CMA-CGM Panama arrives, scheduled 06.June. All three ships ply the CMA-CGM Columbus JAX route {halifaxshippingnews.ca}

Halifax NS

Port of Halifax is a regular stop for some of the world’s largest container ships, and soon will be able to dock two at a time { halifaxshippingnews.ca }.

“The arrival of the first vessel over 14,000 TEU is a significant milestone for … the Port of Halifax,” said Halifax Port Authority President and CEO Capt. Allan Gray, “[That] underscores our position and reputation as an efficient and reliable deep-water international gateway port” {AJOT}.

The CMA CGM T. Jefferson sails in the weekly AWE3 service operated by the Ocean Alliance, from South Asia to the East Coast of America. With a terminal area of 32 ha, a quay length of 1,045m and a depth of 16.5m, PSA Halifax is the only Canadian port in Eastern Canada that can accommodate ultra-class vessels.

The HPA is undertaking a deep-water berth extension that will simultaneously accommodate two vessels over 350 metres length. The expansion will incorporate a new topside infrastructure, and a fifth ship-to-shore super post-Panamax crane. The extension project is on time and on budget with completion in the first half of this year {AJOT}.