AUTO: Ceased Production Idles Hundreds Of Racks

NS Cancels Outbound Empties Train, Looking for Storage Space Along with Hundreds of Others.

31 March, Millers Falls MA – With the broad shutdown of North American auto manufacturing during the COVID-19 pandemic, railroads have hundreds of empty autoracks to store.

On 26. March, Canadian Pacific Railway dispatched a train of fifty empty autoracks from Montreal to Colonie NY to store until auto shipments resume. Two trains pulled empty racks trains from Davisville, RI and Ayer, MA for storage in Bellevue OH.

Late on 31.March, an NS 89-car empty rack train set to depart Millers Falls, MA for at Buffalo, NY, was canceled. These and another ~100 empty cars on the Pan Am and Providence & Worcester Railroad networks, are looking for storage in Providence or Davisville, RI. NS and Genesee & Wyoming have agreed to store up to 200 racks on the P&W. P&W is also storing ~100 autoracks for CSXT.