PAR: MA IRAP Funds Haverhill Biodiesel Transload

Multifuel Supplier Broco Oil will Apply $500,000 2019 MassDOT IRAP Award to Upgrading Biodiesel Transload with Dedicated Track, Manifold Transfer Pump, and Better Ground Control for Trucks.

20 January, Haverhill MA — The project to build a transload spur alongside the existing Hale Street spur running southeast off of the Western Route Main line in Haverhill MA. The new track will receive Iowa biodiesel for transfer to truck, blending into various products, and then for delivery throughout the region. Broco is matching the IRAP grant at 40%, or $333,000, for a total project cost of $833,000.

Haverhill MA

Broco Oil will have use of three transload tracks, after the IRAP-funded biodiesel unloading spur is complete. The existing yard spur currently gets little use other than Broco; the Stevens St. spur is leased by Broco to condust contract transloading for a local steel fabrication company; the biodiesel spur will be dedicated to efficient unloading of biodiesel from Iowa. {Google Earth; annotated by ANRP}.

Broco currently uses an existing pass-through spur for liquid loads, using an inefficient, single-connector transfer apparatus. The new spur will be equipped with a fixed manifold transfer system that can connect to three cars at a time for more efficient transfer. to better meet increasing demand for Broco’s environmentally-friendly biofuel blends. The additional spur will allow to hold eight carloads, and keep the current spur clear. Broco receives on-call service by PAR’s Lawrence crews.

Biodiesel basics

Pure biodiesel is called B100. More commercially available biodiesel blends are B20 (20 percent biodiesel and 80 percent petrodiesel) and B5 (5 percent biodiesel, 95 percent petrodiesel). Broco receives B100 from Renewable Energy Group in Ames IA. The B100 is then blended onsite with petroleum diesel or No.2 heating oil to produce B20, B5 and customized blends for home heating, vehicle fuel, and even bunker fuel. Broco has been receiving REG B100 since September 2019, and transferring it to fixed tanks via portable pumping apparatus.

Haverhill MA

Integrated biodiesel transfer apparatus will connect transfer lines to several cars simultaneously. A controllable manifold will pump one car at a time, then quickly switch to the next, eliminating car-to-car movement, hookup, and disconnect. Pure biodiesel (B100) is blended with petrodiesel or No. 2 for custom products ranging from B20 home heating oil or road fuel, to marine bunker fuel {St. Albans Fonda Redevelopment Plan; ANRP}.

Rail-focused enterprise

Broco acquired the Haverhill site in 2017. The parcel’s rail access was one of the primary attractions for Broco CEO Robert Brown, who wants to help Broco’s large industrial and government customers reach their sustainability goals, and to reduce fossil fuel use. In addition to the liquid transload operations, Broco leases the Steven’s St. track, a north-terminating spur on the west side of the Western Route line, an eighth-mile south of the Broco site. There, Broco provides transloading services for other area businesses, giving them the advantage to receive/ship by rail. One translating customer receives steel coil and rebar at the site. With the new spur, Broco will effectively have three distinct transload sites, with the new spur specializing in liquid fuels, the Stevens track in industrial merchandise, and he Hale st. track providing room for expansion {conversations with Broco executives}.