AMTK: 2021 Acela Trainset To Pueblo, CO Proving Ground

New Amtrak Acela Trainset Heads to Transportation Technology Center in Pueblo, CO for Testing. Revenue Service to Start in 2021.

22.January, Nornell NY — A next-generation Acela transet is bound to the AAR Transportation Testing Center (TTC) facility in Pueblo CO from the Alstom production site in Hornell NY. Testing new trainsets is a lengthy, detailed process to validate each component and system works and integrates in the trainset, and with the railways and signals. Sources suggest Amtrak will also test a trainset in the near future on the Northeast Corridor.

The new trains will operate at 160 mph. Each train will have 386 seats, each equipped with personal outlets, USB ports and adjustable reading lights at every seat.

The fleet is due to enter service in 2021, replacing current Acela trains that have been operating between Boston – Providence – New York – Philadelphia and Washington since 2000. All 28 new trainsets will be in service by 2022 {Amtrak}.

Amtrak’s Acela service provides 25% of Amtrak’s total revenue. The new trainsets will support both additional scheduled trains and more seats for each train. The resulting additional revenue is expected to push Amtrak into operating profitability.

Hornell NY

Next-generation Acela test unit will be pulled cross-country for testing {Amtrak}.