MCER: 2019 IRAP $30K To Serve Ware Paper Plant

Mass Central Railroad (MCER) will Acquire Deciated Boxcars to Operate Feedstock Shuttle Service to Kanzaki Specialty Papers.

23 December, South Barre MA – MCER will shuttle material from its Wildwood Reload warehouse in South Barre MA to Kanzaki Specialty Papers in Ware MA. Kanzaki is a world-leading manufacturer of direct thermal, thermal transfer, inkjet coated papers, and films. The Ware plant employs approximately 150 people in the manufacture and distribution of 47 paper products, and management.

MCER is staking a 40% match to the IRAP award; total project cost is $50,000

South Barre – Ware MA

Mass Central will operate a regular shuttle over the ~12-mile track section between the MCER South Barre Wildwood warehousing facility ( inset, top ) the Kanzaki’s Ware production plant ( inset, bottom ). As of publication, it is not known whether loads will be arriving to or shipping from Kanzaki. {OpenRailwayMap, Google Earth; annotated by ANRP}.