NECR: Proposed NH C&D Transfer Station On Hold

American Recycling Withdrew its Application to Operate a C&D Transfer Station Along the CCRR. Vocal Opponents Were Part of the Reason, but Reversal of Lebanon Landfill's C&D Moratorium the Major Factor.

28 August, Claremont NH – City planning board proceedings related to the project have been underway since April, as traditional C&D landfill disposal options were working to block C&D from their facilities. After two meetings and a site visit, the City declined to give its “conditional approval” to the project at least until American Recycling presented a site plan, and state permit applications; the company seeked to avoid spending money on those deliverables without some assurance that the City would back the project.

A viable option for local C&D

American Recycling proposed to demolish the existing shed on its 43 Industrial Blvd. property. The building’s cement pad would be enlarged, and the existing rail siding upgraded for daily loading of up to six cars {Minutes from Planning Board Site Walk, 06.June.2019}. Thirty to 50 trucks would enter the site per day, to dump up 500 tons of C&D waste on to the cement pad, where it would be sorted to separate recyclable and hazardous materials. The “clean” C&D material would then be loaded onto train cars for shipment to an out-of-state, designated C&D waste facility.

Halifax NS

The regional demand for C&D disposal became acute in May, when the Lebanon Landfill stopped accepting C&D waste, for fears that it was rapidly reducing the site’s capacity, and hastening its closure. In June, nearby Hartford, VT followed suit in its own landfill. The closures left contractors with only distant options to dispose of their waste. American Recycling’s plan would not only have opened an efficient channel for the local haulers, but also exported the bulk of the material by rail to regions that are better equipped to process it.

Local opposition rose quickly, with shrill warnings that the transfer station would disturb the peace. ( Never mind that the site is wedged between the CCRR track and Industrial Blvd., across the street from the airport – Ed. ) Meanwhile, nearby Lebanon was feeling pressure to reopen its landfill for C&D, and reversed its moratorium in July. Hartford VT will follow suit soon. The Lebanon landfill’s C&D disposal fee has been raised to $150/ton, from $68/ton at the time of its May closure {City of Lebanon NH}. It seems like American Recycling’s transfer station may yet be part of the solution.