FRA: Millions For Boston South Stn, Providence Stn.

Federal Railroad Administration Awards 10 Transit State Of Good Repair (SOGR) Grants Totaling More Than $272 Million. MASSDOT, RIDOT, NJTRANSIT, PADOT Take an Aggregated $87.1 Million.

21 August, Washington DC – SOGR awards aid in the repair and rehabilitation of publicly- or Amtrak-owned or controlled railroad equipment, infrastructure and facilities with the aim of improving intercity passenger rail performance.

The four Northeast region DOTs are getting an aggregated $87.1M in awards. The largest single award of $76.8M was granted to NCDOT for its Piedmont Intercity Fleet and Infrastructure Investments Project.

Boston MA

South Station Expansion Project shows plan to add current USPS Postal Annex to South Station, including additional tracks. In this 2013 rendering there are four tracks, but current plan is to add seven new tracks, including four with canopied platforms.

Massachusetts Department of Transportation was awarded up to $41.1 million for the Tower 1 Early Action Project at South Station. The project is a critical early phase of the larger South Station Expansion, and includes signal replacements and upgrades of signals, switches, track, power systems and related infrastructure at the Tower 1 interlocking at the approach to South Station. The current interlocking is a major source of delay at a location used by almost 60,000 daily rail passengers. Operability through the interlocking will be enhanced via upgrading the interlocking signal and communication systems to more technologically advanced systems. In addition, resiliency will be improved to substantially reduce the effects of flooding and risk of power loss.

  • Adding seven (7) tracks and four (4) canopied platforms at the terminal, while lengthening several of the existing platforms
  • Expanding the passenger terminal, including a secondary headhouse for the new tracks and two new concourses
  • Reconfiguring track interlockings and improving signals, traction power, and communication systems

Boston MA

Newly-awarded SOGR funds will significantly upgrade the Tower 1 Interlocking to improve near-future train movements in and out of South Station, and rationalize infrastructure for greater future capacity.

Rhode Island Department of Transportation was awarded up to $12.5 million for the Providence Station State of Good Repair and Capacity Project to complete the rehabilitation of the Amtrak-owned 33-year-old Providence Station in Providence, R.I. Providence Station serves 1.4 million annual intercity and commuter rail passengers, ranking it among the highest ridership stations in the Amtrak and MBTA networks. The interior rehabilitation will increase capacity and provide a higher level of service. Specific improvements include expanding the building’s footprint to the west, repurposing existing space, opening the station’s western entrance, improving ticketing and baggage operations, expanding restroom size, upgrading the public-address system with visual displays, updating interior signage, and increasing safety for pedestrian access to the station. The project will coincide with the completion of a bus facility to the south that will revive the intermodal connection that existed between the rail and bus terminals 30 years ago.

Providence RI

FRA SOGR funds will improve passenger conditions at Providence Station by expanding usable inside space, improving rider access, convenience, and comfort.