MEDOT/PAR: FRA Grants $17.5m to Upgrade Maine Mainline

CRISI Grant to MEDOT will Upgrade Major Elements of 75-Mile Royal Jct. -- Waterville Stretch

12 June, Washington DC – The FRA announced $326 million in grant funds under the Consolidated Rail Infrastructure and Safety Improvements (CRISI) program.

MEDOT was awarded $17,468,840 to improve traffic efficiency and safety along the former MCRR run between Mile 13.30 Royal Junction (Yarmouth) to Mile 85.53 Waterville.

The funds will pay for replacement of 37 miles of rail, upgrade 25 switches, modernize 89 grade crossings, replace deck timbers on eight bridges, extend an existing siding, and modernize signals {USDOT/FRA} .

Yarmouth – Waterville, ME

Former MCRR track provides rail access to central and northern Maine, Canadian Maritimes, New Hampshire, Vermont, Ontario, and Quebec. Upgrades will further relieve traffic pressure at Royal Jct. between freight and Amtrak Downeaster. {Google; annotated by ANRP }