PENNDOT: 27 Freight Rail Awards Totaling $24 Million

Pennsylvania Department Of Transportation Awarded Funds to 27 Applicant Projects, Leveraging Nearly $35 Million in Freight Rail System Improvements.

29 April, Harrisburg PA – PennDOT issued 27 rail freight improvement projects under the state’s Rail Freight Assistance Program (RFAP) and Rail Transportation Assistance Program (RTAP). The projects are expected to generate and sustain 255 jobs across the state.

These are the approved rail freight projects and their estimated total cost, based on a 70% state/30% private funding formula, as specified in the RFAP and RTAP program guidelines (see below):

Allegheny County:  Leetsdale Industrial Corporation — $527,500 to construct approximately 0.5 miles of storage tracks to increase rail car capacity and efficiencies.

Allegheny and Washington counties:  Allegheny Valley Railroad — $2.74 million to rehabilitate approximately 34 miles of track on the W&P subdivision by raising, lining, and resurfacing the track.

Blair County:

  • Curry Rail Services — $1.0 million to expand and rehabilitate yard tracks at their facility to increase capacity and support their new business line.
  • Millennium Rail, LLC — $991,000 to rehabilitate yard tracks at the Hollidaysburg Tank Car Shop by replacing ties, turnouts, and ballast to increase the yard’s capacity and efficiency.
  • Mineral Manufacturing Corporation — $1.0 million to construct an unloading pit, acquire unloading equipment, and rehabilitate nearly one mile of yard tracks.
  • D Holdings — $2.0 million to rehabilitate yard tracks at the Hollidaysburg Transload Facility and construct a new siding to serve existing and future businesses.

Bucks County:  East Penn Railroad — $210,000 to rehabilitate approximately two miles of track on the Bristol Line and extend a rail siding by 1,000 feet.

Bucks and Montgomery counties:  Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority — $1.0 million to acquire and install positive train control (PTC) equipment on four Pennsylvania Northeast Railroad locomotives.

Cambria and Clearfield counties:  RJ Corman — $4.0 million to rehabilitate approximately 56 miles of track on the WBV subdivision, including the replacement of ties and bridge timbers and surfacing track.

Centre County:  Happy Valley Blended Products — $357,000 to construct an unloading pit and acquire unloading equipment to increase rail service at the facility.

Chester County:

  • Mittal Steel USA Railways — $2.3 million to rehabilitate a railroad bridge, five turnouts, and more than one mile of track to increase yard operation efficiencies.
  • East Penn Railroad — $714,000 to rehabilitate approximately 27 miles of track with new ties and rail on the Octoraro Line.

Clinton County:  Nittany & Bald Eagle — $443,000 to construct a 500-foot double-ended side track to increase capacity and efficiency.

Crawford County:  Ainsworth Pet Nutrition — $3.3 million to expand rail facilities, construct new siding, and purchase unloading equipment.

Fayette County:  Southwest Pennsylvania Railroad — $2.14 million to rehabilitate and improve approximately 2.6 miles of track on the FM&P Subdivision by installing continuous welded rail and realigning and surfacing track.

Fayette and Westmoreland counties:  Westmoreland County Industrial Development Corporation — $2.14 million to improve the Radebaugh Subdivision, including rehabilitating approximately 0.5 miles of track, replacing two turnouts, and constructing two sidings.

Greene County:  Greene Spur, LLC — $788,000 to rehabilitate and extend two yard tracks, construct a retaining wall, and purchase unloading equipment to increase rail service.

Lackawanna County:

  • Delaware Lackawanna Railroad — $976,000 to rehabilitate approximately 20 miles of track by replacing ties and rail.
  • Valley Distributing and Storage Co. — $470,500 to rehabilitate a siding and switch to increase efficiency.

Lancaster County:  Landisville Railroad — $698,240 to rehabilitate approximately 0.25 miles of track and two at-grade crossings.

Lawrence County:  New Castle Industrial Railroad — $975,000 to rehabilitate approximately 1.8 miles of track with continuous welded rail.

Lycoming County:

  • John Savoy & Son, Inc.– $293,000 to construct a new rail siding and unloading dock to enable new rail service.
  • Lycoming Valley Railroad Company — $760,000 to rehabilitate approximately 3.5 miles of track by replacing ties and surfacing track.
  • McKean County:
  • American Refining Group, Inc. — $2.86 million to construct an additional track and purchase unloading equipment to receive product by rail.
  • Glenn O. Hawbaker — $227,000 to rehabilitate approximately 0.75 miles of track, including installing new ties, surfacing track, and constructing a 60-foot retaining wall.

Union County:  Union County Industrial Railroad — $362,000 to construct a 1,700-foot siding and two turnouts to increase capacity and efficiency.

Westmoreland County:  Noble Environmental — $357,000 to construct a side track to their facility to enable rail service.

Rail Freight Assistance Program

The Rail Freight Assistance Program (RFAP) provides financial assistance for investment in rail freight infrastructure. The intent of the program is to:

  1. preserve essential rail freight service where economically feasible, and
  2. preserve or stimulate economic development through the generation of new or expanded rail freight service.

The maximum state funding for a RFAP project is 70 percent of the total project costs, not to exceed $700,000.

Rail Transportation Assistance Program

The Rail Transportation Assistance Program (RTAP), also known as Capital Budget, is available to applicants with a line item(s) in a Capital Budget Act. Applicants should contact their state representative or state senator to obtain a line item for their project. The maximum state funding for a RTAP project is 70 percent of the total project costs, not to exceed the amount of the line item.